The Sea Lady

The plan had been to walk from Folkestone to Sandgate and explore the world which John Ruskin might have known when he lived at 2, Devonshire Terrace. But that will have to wait, because a mermaid was found instead. It is a rare event to find a mermaid in Sandgate. She was in a shop window. She might be made of brass or stone, I am stupidly ignorant of such things, or of how she might have got here, or where she once belonged. But she is not the first mermaid to land in Sandgate, that event was described by HG Wells in The Sea Lady. Perhaps this is a model someone made of her at the time. I had a pleasant chat to the proprietor of the shop, and her Irish friend. They were fascinated by the story of the mermaid and once it had been told, I realised I had talked myself in to making a purchase. But I still had to walk to Hythe, just to look, so would collect her on my return.

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To the sea…

The forecast is for a breezy, sun filled, blue sky day with a temperature of about 10 degrees. Why is this almost perfect? Because the breeze will scud up the waves of the Channel, it’s been grey lately and a blue sky with a hint of sun will be welcome. And the temperature for a long walk is not too cold and not too hot.

St Martin’s church is discovered which looks as if the tower – almost Italian Renaissance in a strange sort of way – might be made of concrete. I hope it is as it can be a versatile and interesting building material.

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